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New York State is governed by the Vehicle and Traffic Law. In the City, you'll also deal with the complex City Traffic Rules. And many small towns have their own traffic codes. To the average motorist, this can all be quite confusing. This page will attempt to clarify some of the many charges that can be brought against a New York driver. 


Cell phone tickets are among the most common summonses issued today. And they count for a whopping 5 points on your license. Click here for more info. 

Speeding tickets carry high fines, tend to increase your insurance premiums, and can count for up to 11 points. Click here for more info. 

Red light tickets bear three points and high fines -- especially for the second and third offenses. Click here for more info. 


This two-point violation is issued frequently when motorists disregard traffic devices -- usually "no turn" signs, Click here for more info. 


Criminal summonses may be issued for some driving matters. If you receive a criminal citation for reckless driving, suspended license, driving under the influence, or any other charge, click here for more info. 


Proceeding through a stop sign without stopping completely may result in this three-point charge. Click here for more info. 

Urban Traffic

If you turn from the incorrect lane, you may be issued this two-point violation, commonly given at busy NYC intersections. Click here for more info. 


If you drive a taxi, there is a wide range of tickets you can be issued for various violations specific to your profession. Click here for more info. 


There are many varieties of "failure to yield" infractions, all worth three points on your license. Click here for more info. 

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