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Taxi on the Street

It's not easy being a taxi driver in New York these days. The NYPD has a traffic enforcement division that targets only taxis. Several infractions are written almost exclusively to taxi drivers. An entire City agency, the Taxi and Limousine Commission, enforces a wide array of violations against taxi drivers. Even the DMV points system is unusually harsh to professional drivers. For some motorists, a suspended license is just an inconvenience. But for a taxi driver, a license suspension is an existential threat. If you drive a taxi, Uber or limousine, you need a traffic attorney on your side. 

TLC Tickets

The TLC issues summonses to drivers for numerous violations. A TLC officer can write a taxi driver a summons for any violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. These tickets are adjudicated by the TLC, not in the Traffic Violations Bureau. TLC officers also write tickets for improper pickups, operating a taxi without a medallion, 

Possible violations include, but are not limited to: 

*Driving a green cab and making a pickup in midtown. 

*Declining to accept a fare because of the passenger's race. 

*Picking up a street fare while driving an Uber. 

And much more. These tickets can result in your taxi license being suspended. Even if you are not suspended, the TLC may require you to pay a high fine just to avoid suspension so you can keep working. A traffic attorney can navigate the terrain of the TLC on your behalf to make sure you stay on the road. 

TLC Settlements Can Be Costly, But Trials Can Be Even Costlier

Most TLC matters will result in offers for a settlement. In other cases, the agency will demand a trial. With an attorney, you stand a better chance at a fair settlement or a victorious trial. In some cases, a skilled attorney can convince the TLC to make an offer they would not make to an unrepresented driver. This may cost you a few dollars, but it will avoid the much harsher penalty of a license suspension. 

If You Drive a Taxi, Time is Money. 

Don't waste your time haggling with a City agency. Let your attorney do the hard work for you. Every hour you are off the road is an hour of earnings you can't get back. You do the driving -- let an attorney do the fighting. Contact a traffic attorney today. 

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